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Photo Evidence: The Practice Of ‘Dibs’ Is Out Of Control

It doesn’t matter if you live in the pro dibs or anti-dibs camp. This is wrong!


Erika Lord of Edison Park staked out a curbside parking spot after shoveling it out. (CBS)

Chicago Crews To Start Removing ‘Dibs’ Junk

On Monday, the Department of Streets and Sanitation will begin carting away the lawn chairs, beat-up couches and discarded toys that have helped Chicagoans stake claim to cherished parking spaces they have cleared of snow.


Parking Dibs After Blizzard

Debate Over ‘Dibs': Is It Time To End The Chicago Winter Tradition?

Is it time to end the tradition of ‘dibs’ in Chicago?


Ferguson takes a break in a chair one of her neighbors put out for "dibs" after digging out the entire spot. (Credit: Instagram/jamiepie)

Humboldt Park Woman Declares ‘No Dibs,’ Shovels Entire Block

A West Side woman wants to put an end to the Chicago tradition of claiming “dibs” on parking spots shoveled out after snowstorms.


(Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

Craigslist Ad Sells ‘Dibs’ Chairs Collected From Chicago Parking Spots

One Chicagoan has done exactly what many have been dying to do. This person has been going from neighborhood to neighborhood and taking dibs chairs — chairs saving parking spots for people — from saved spots.


Parking Dibs After Blizzard

With Major Snow Comes Chicago Tradition: Chairs, Orange Cones — Anything — To Mark ‘Dibs’

Some streets end up looking like winter block parties, with all of the chairs. WBBM also saw two-gallon buckets, two-by-fours, boxes and a container of antifreeze used to mark excavated parking spaces.


Chicago Snow Parking

Photographer: Warm Winter Has Meant No ‘Parking Dibs’ Items

Photographer Amy Loeffler has seen some pretty crazy things on the streets of Chicago during the depths of winter.

WBBM Newsradio–03/22/2012

Streets and Sanitation workers are junking "dibs" markers. (CBS)

City Begins Clearing ‘Dibs’ Markers

With most of the snow melted, city sanitation workers began junking the pieces of furniture people used to hold their curbside parking spaces.


Parking Dibs After Blizzard

City: No More Dibs On Parking

If you’re still using an old folding chair or some empty crates to save the parking spot you dug out during last week’s blizzard, get rid of it soon, or the city will.


An unidentified South Side street after the Blizzard of 2011. (Credit: Keno/Photo via email)

Blizzard Apparently Keeping Crooks Off Streets

If there was one bright spot to having 20 inches of snow dumped on the city in less than 24 hours earlier this week, it apparently helped keep the city’s crooks off the streets for a while.

CBS Chicago–02/04/2011

Chair Free Zone Sign

Man Hopes To Declare ‘Chair-Free’ Zones In Chicago

It’s a Chicago tradition. Dig out a snowy parking space and ‘reserve’ it with a chair. Now, one man is encouraging neighbors to declare a ‘Chair Free Zone’.