Disability Placards

A handicapped parking placard. (CBS)

New Disability Parking Rules Go Into Effect Jan. 1

Free parking at meters is about to go away from some holders of disability parking placards, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.


No Free Parking A Major Change For Drivers With Disabilities

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office is getting out the word: big changes are coming soon for drivers with disabilities.


Illinois Secretary Of State Jesse White

Secretary Of State White: Ending Free Disabled Parking Is A Bad Idea

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is opposing an idea that would change the long-standing law that allows anyone with a handicapped parking placard to park for free all day at a metered space.

CBS Chicago–02/01/2012

Parking Crackdown

Police Hit Loop Targeting Disabled Placard Scofflaws

Chicago Police officers fanned out in the Loop Tuesday morning, targeting people misusing disabled parking placards.

CBS Chicago–01/31/2012

Handicapped Parking

Police Crack Down On Handicap Parking Space Misuse

Think twice before you park in a spot for the handicapped without the proper placard, because the Illinois Secretary of State Police are cracking down during the holidays.

CBS Chicago–12/19/2011

Disability Placard

Police Launch Crackdown On Disability Placard Abuse

Police also waited for the owners to return to their vehicles, to make sure the placards actually belonged to them.

CBS Chicago–12/15/2011

Handicapped Parking

City Council Approves Crackdown On Disability Placard Abuse

The City Council has approved an ordinance that will crack down on abuse of disability placards by Chicago drivers.

CBS Chicago–12/14/2011