Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee

The folks at the Doughnut Vault boast, "Once you try a Doughnut Vault doughnut, you'll never want to go back." Their plain glazed doughnut was ranked the best in America by The Daily Meal. (Credit: Facebook)

Chicago Dominates List Of America’s Best Doughnuts

It might not be the first food you think about when you’re listing Chicago’s best eats, but the Windy City boasts four of the top 25 doughnuts in a ranking from one of the nation’s leading culinary publications.


(Credit: Firecakes Donuts' facebook)

Best Doughnut Shops In Chicago

As the cupcake craze cries its last buttercream breaths, doughnuts take their rightful place on the throne of guilty pleasures. You can’t go wrong at these Chicago cottages of doughnut heaven.