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Dog Attack

Dog Teeth (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Neighbor Saved Senior From Dog Attack

What do you do when your neighbor calls out for help? Thomas Lichtwalt heard dogs barking on Tuesday, setting off his own dog. Then he looked out and saw two dogs barking and snarling at his 74-year-old neighbor who was at the end of his driveway on the way to getting his mail.


Photo Of A Snarling Pit Bull Terrier Dog. (AP Photo)

Police Shoot Attacking Pit Bull In Elgin Home

Police in Elgin shot and killed a family dog that turned on its owners and its own puppies.


Dog Teeth (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Dog Attack Leads To Prison For Owner

A teenager has been sentenced to five years in prison for ordering his pitbull terrier to attack a 75-year-old man.