New doors at the Statehouse. (CBS)

Capitol Architect Defends $700K Doors Installed On Statehouse

Critics said the elegant but expensive copper doors are extravagant at a time when the state is broke and regular Illinoisans are struggling.


New doors at the Statehouse. (CBS)

$670K Doors At State Capitol Inspire Jeers

Illinois State Treasurer and Republican candidate for governor Dan Rutherford has disavowed the controversial the $50 million dollar renovation going on at the Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield, including expensive new doors at three entrances.


Metra Train

Metra Train Delayed More Than An Hour When Doors Won’t Close

Passengers on a Metra train headed to Chicago on Friday morning got downtown about 80 minutes late because the train’s doors would not close after a stop at the Naperville station.


(credit: Thinkstock)

Ways To Dress Up Your Doors To Energize Your Chicago Home

Forget dead as a doornail. Check out these ideas for bringing your doors to life.


St. Sabina Burning Shirt

Burning Shirt Found On St. Sabina Community Center Doors

Vandals struck St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church overnight, just hours after the Rev. Michael Pfleger and community members marched against a neighborhood store.

CBS Chicago–04/04/2012

Thieves stole four decorative kick plates from the doors of The Pattington, a North Side condo building, on the day after Thanksgiving. (Credit: CBS)

North Side Thieves Targeting Kick Plates On Doors

We’ve heard of thieves targeting manhole covers, cooper pipes and wiring, even aluminum benches to sell to scrap yards for quick cash. But now there’s a new hot item catching their eyes: decorative kick plates on the bottom of doors.

CBS 2–12/05/2011

A woman lights up. (file/AFP Getty Images)

Palatine Going After Smokers Violating Law

Palatine police are going after smokers who are violating state law.

CBS Chicago–06/28/2011