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Best Resources For Expecting Mothers

Expectant mothers are magnets for unsolicited advice. Once your baby bump begins to show, friends, relatives and even strangers will bombard you with their thoughts on the best baby gear, the best way to get a baby to sleep, even the best diapers. How can parents-to-be find advice that’s actually helpful? Here are some of the best resources for expectant parents in Chicago.


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Best Purim Activities In Chicagoland For Kids

Purim is a festive early spring holiday commemorating the failure of a plot to exterminate the Jews in ancient Persia. Jewish families celebrate the holiday with a raucous reading of the story of Purim. Here are some lively Purim activities for families in the Chicago area.


Children Chicago History

Best Spots for Teaching Kids About Chicago History

There’s a lot more to Chicago history than Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and the last time the Cubbies won the World Series. Here are some of the best spots to teach your kids about the history of the City of Chicago.



Hidden Gems For Kids In Chicago

Try one of these less well-known spots and expand your horizons a little. It’s a big town – especially if you include the suburbs — and most of us have just barely scratched the surface.


Magic Tree

Best Book Stores For Kids In Chicago

The independent book store is practically an endangered species these days. It’s a shame too. Many independent book stores devote a large section to children. So the next time your child needs something to read, consider visiting one of these outstanding book stores for children.


Bleeding Heart Bakery

Best Kids’ Birthday Cakes In Chicago

Whether you are throwing a superhero or a princess birthday party, a cake that matches your theme is a must. Sure, you can always pick up a sheet cake at any one of the big grocery stores, but why settle for a mass-produced cake? Here are some of the best places to order a kids’ birthday cake in the Chicago area.


Four Seasons

Best Family-Friendly Hotels In Chicago

Whether you are coming in from Ireland, Iowa or Itasca, a stay in a downtown Chicago hotel is a treat. At the end of a busy day of culture, tourism or rampant consumerism – American Girl Place, I’m looking at you – here are some of the best places for families to put their feet up.


Family Friendly New Year's Eve

Best Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities In Chicago

Remember when New Year’s Eve meant a glamorous party, champagne toasts and dancing the night away? So do I – barely. Here are the best bets for a family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration.



Best Hanukkah Activities in Chicago

An early Hanukkah is nice for families who want to make sure that this celebration is not overshadowed by Christmas, but it also means less time to prepare. So, it is not too soon to start planning some fun family Hanukkah activities. Luckily, there is a lot more to Hanukkah in Chicago than lighting the menorah and eating latkes!


Wonderland Express

Best Spots In Chicago For Train Lovers

What is it about little kids and trains? Children’s literature and television is full of fictional trains from The Little Engine That Could, Thomas the Tank Engine, to newer efforts, like PBS Kids’ show “Dinosaur […]


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Chicago’s Best Stuff for Young Kids (Ages 5-8)

A world-class city like Chicago is full of fun and educational outings for elementary-school aged kids. From catching a game at one of Chicago’s professional sports teams to a visit to the city’s great cultural […]


Best Places To Take Photos Of Your Kids In Chicago

Best Places To Take Pictures Of Your Kids In Chicago

This year, you are determined to have the prettiest holiday card of anyone on your list. Or maybe you wish you could freeze your kids just as they are. Whatever your motivation, you want to […]


Chicago's Best Stuff For Preschoolers

Chicago’s Best Stuff For Preschoolers

One day you wake up and realize that your city kid isn’t a baby any more. Preschoolers are ready to get out and explore what Chicago has to offer beyond Mom and Tot classes and […]


Skokie Water Playground

Best Public Pools For Kids In Chicago

Everyone talks about the Chicago winter, but what about the Chicago summer? Those of who live here know that summer in Chicago can be glorious, but it can also be hot. Fortunately for us, there […]


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Best Spots For Kids In The Western Suburbs

The western suburbs of Chicago stretch from towns that border the city, such as Oak Park and Cicero, to DuPage county behemoths Naperville and Aurora — and cover a lot of ground in between. DuPage […]