Irma Sabanovic (Chicago Police Department)

Woman Remains Missing After Not Making It To Nightclub

A 25-year-old woman remains missing, after heading for the Exit nightclub on North Avenue last week and never making it.

CBS Chicago–05/17/2011

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley leaves City Hall for the final time Friday. (CBS)

Mayor Daley Bids Farewell To City Hall

Chicago’s longest-serving mayor left City Hall with great fanfare Friday and gave his city the thumbs-up sign as he was driven away.


Late Bar

Chicago’s Top Goth Bars And Clubs

So you still like to break out that heavy leather trenchcoat or put on that black eyeliner. You still buy your clothes at The Alley. Your iPod is loaded with selections from Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Cure form the “Pornography” era. If so, this list is for you. Here we present the best of the Chicago goth scene.

CBS Chicago–09/22/2010