Cancer Is Leading Disease-Related Killer Of Dogs And CatsCancer is the number-one disease-related killer of dogs and cats and claims the lives of millions of pets each year.
Researchers Present Findings In Chicago On Benefits Of PetsResearchers meeting in Chicago have presented findings from three new studies that show health and other benefits from human-animal interaction. Scientists who examined the impact of pets on physical and emotional health and on human social relationships have found positive and lasting effects of pet ownership and pet therapy.
Hot Weather Brings Warnings About Leaving Pets in VehiclesYou might be surprised to learn just how hot it can get in a parked car, even on a relatively mild day with all the windows down.
New Book Asks: Is ‘Higher Power’ Behind the Special Abilities of Dogs?Experts have proven that dogs can lower our blood pressure, ease stress and sense impending disaster.
Chicago Animal Shelters Team Up For Weekend Cat Adoption Event Four of Chicago’s animal shelters will team up this weekend for a cat adoption event aimed at easing the impact of “kitten season” or cat breeding season during spring and summer – the only time of the year when cats breed. The result is an influx of cats and kittens at animal shelters.
Easter Grass, Lilies And Chocolate Are Top Easter Threats for PetsBrightly colored plastic grass, plastic eggs, Lilies and chocolate pose the biggest risk to pets at Easter time. These items may be symbols of the season but they can also make dogs and cats very sick and even result in death.
Eye On Pets: Taking Your Dog On VacationA new weekly feature begins airing today on Newsradio WBBM. It's called Eye on Pets and will feature tips from one of Chicago's top veterinarians to help keep your pets healthy and happy.
Eye On Pets: New Feature On WBBM NewsradioA new weekly feature begins airing Saturday on Newsradio WBBM.

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