Fare Hikes

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Transit Agencies Expect No Changes In Fares Or Service

The Chicago Board of Education is borrowing $1 billion. City Hall is contemplating a property tax hike. Cook County may raise the sales tax by one percent — again. But at Chicago’s mass transit agencies there is no panic and it is business as usual.


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RTA Chief Warns Of Higher Fares, Reduced Service Under Rauner Budget

The region’s top transit official warned Thursday that CTA, Metra, and Pace fare hikes and service cuts would be “difficult to avoid” if the legislature enacts budget cuts proposed in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget.


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Metra Seeking Annual Fare Hikes Over Next Decade, Including Nearly 11 Percent Next Year

Chicago-area commuters have never seen anything like it. Metra has proposed fare increases averaging 10.8 percent, starting in February, with the guarantee of additional increases every year through 2024.


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Metra Riders Asked To ‘Pick Poison’ On Fare Hikes

Beginning today, Metra is asking riders to “pick their poison,” and tell them what kind of fare increase, if any, they can stomach next year.



Cab Drivers Petition City Council Committee For Fare Hike

Chicago cab drivers say it’s time for a fare increase, and they’re taking their argument to City Hall Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–07/31/2012

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CTA Says It Has Found Money To Avert Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

Chicago Transit Authority President Forrest Claypool said Wednesday that the agency has found the $80 million it needs to avert fare hikes and service cuts the rest of this year — without labor concessions.

CBS Chicago–05/31/2012


City, Cabbies Clashing On Plans For Taxi Reform Without Fare Hikes

The Emanuel administration and some Chicago cabbies are set to clash over the city’s plans to reshape the taxi industry without raising fares.

CBS Chicago–12/23/2011

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Metra Wraps Up Public Hearings On Fare Hikes

Metra Thursday night wrapped up eight public hearings in two days on the largest fare increase in the agency’s history.

WBBM Newsradio–11/04/2011

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Riders Think Proposed Metra Fare Hikes Are Too Much

Riders told Metra’s chief executive officer at a public hearing in Homewood on Wednesday that the fare increases the agency has proposed are too much.

CBS Chicago–11/02/2011

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CTA To Unveil 2012 Budget Plan

Today is the day that CTA riders learn whether they will have to endure fare hikes and service cuts when the transit agency announces its budget plan for next year.

WBBM Newsradio–10/19/2011

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Metra Unveils Smaller Fare-Hike Plan

Metra is set to take a final vote on increasing fares, but not nearly as dramatically as originally planned.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2011

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CTA ‘Looking At Everything’ To Solve Budget Crisis

The CTA says it faces a $277 million budget shortfall in the coming year. It won’t say yet that it plans fare hikes or service cuts, but CTA President Forrest Claypool made it clear he’s targeting union work rules.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2011

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CTA Still Mum On Chances For Fare Hike, Service Cuts

CTA officials still won’t say if the agency’s 2012 budget contains fare hikes, service cuts or both. But they are making it clear that the budgeting process has not been an easy one.

WBBM Newsradio–09/26/2011

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Metra CEO To Riders: Blame Fare Hike On Previous Administration

In a letter to Metra riders, the agency’s CEO on Friday called proposed fare increases “jolting” but necessary due to rising costs, lower income and inaction by the previous Metra administration.


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Metra Signals Approval Of Fare Hikes For Early 2012

The Metra board Friday ruled out service cuts to close a 2012 budget shortfall estimated at more than $64 million, but higher ticket prices seem inevitable.


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CTA Won’t Impose Fare Hike–For Now

The CTA won’t raise fares for the rest of 2011, but is making no promises beyond that.


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Metra Surveying Customers About Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

Metra wants to hear from you on the possibility of fare hikes and service cuts, and it doesn’t matter if you ride Metra daily or never come within miles of a commuter train.

WBBM Newsradio–07/25/2011

CTA 'L' Train (File Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

RTA: Emergency Fare Hikes, Service Cuts May Be Around The Corner

The Regional Transportation Authority is warning that the CTA, Metra and Pace may have to undertake emergency fare hikes and service cuts as soon as next month.

CBS Chicago–06/24/2011

CTA 'L' Train (File Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

CTA Faces Tough Budget For Next Year

The Chicago Transit Authority is beginning to plan its budget for next year, and it won’t be easy to accomplish.

WBBM Newsradio–06/13/2011

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CTA Passes Budget Without Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

The Chicago Transit Authority passed a new budget plan Wednesday that will not hike fares, nor cut service levels.

CBS Chicago–11/10/2010