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A 48 Hour Guide To Chicago

A practical travel guide for the best lodging, dining, transportation and attractions in Chicago, especially for travelers who have just 48 hours to visit America’s third largest city.


Sue, T. Rex

Sue The T-Rex Celebrating 25th “Unearth Day” At Field Museum

Twenty-five years is just a drop in the bucket for a 65-million-year-old fossil, but it’s still a big milestone for the Field Museum, which is celebrating what it calls “unearth day” for Sue the T-Rex.


Shedd Aquarium

Adler, Field, Shedd Offer Free Admission On Presidents Day

The Adler Planetarium, Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium will have free general admission for Illinois residents on Feb. 16, according to a statement from an Adler spokesman.


A crane hoists a replica Viking boat into the south entrance of the Field Museum. The boat will be the centerpiece of the new "Vikings' exhibit, opening Feb. 27, 2015. (Credit: John Cody/WBBM)

Viking Longboat Sails Into Field Museum For New Exhibit

A Viking longboat has been moved to safe harbor inside the Field Museum, where it’ll headline a new exhibit about the complexities of Viking culture.


Field Museum gift shop (Credit, Jodie Jacobs)

Best Museum Gift Shops In Chicago

In the Chicago area, these five museum shops stand out because of their size and range of selection. They are accessible without having to pay admission.


The Field Museum

Field Museum Holds Its First-Ever Identification Day

It was a “show and tell” day at the Field Museum Saturday. People brought their rocks, plants and bugs to show, so experts could tell them what they had.


Field Museum photographed by John Weinstein (Credit: The Field Museum's facebook)

Field Museum Returning Aboriginal Skulls To Australia

A delegation from the Australian state of Tasmania was visiting Chicago to take home the remains of three Aborigines that have been in the collection of the Field Museum since 1958.


(Photo Credit: The Field Museum's Facebook)

Field Museum Celebrates Anniversary Of First Ferris Wheel Ride

You won’t get to go for a spin, but the Field Museum is celebrating today the world’s first Ferris Wheel ride, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.


Fossil meteorites embedded in limestone from Sweden fell to earth 500 million  years ago. (Credit: Mike Krauser/CBS)

Rare Fossil Meteorites To Go On Display At Field Museum

They were found in a limestone quarry in Sweden in the 1950s. They sat in an office for three decades until an expert noticed them and determined they’re meteorites.


Field Museum photographed by John Weinstein (Credit: The Field Museum's facebook)

‘Blockbuster’ Exhibit On Ancient Greece Coming To Field Museum In Fall 2015

Coming up in the fall of next year, Chicago will host the finest display of ancient Greek artifacts ever seen in the Western Hemisphere.


Dr. Kevin Feldheim, manager of the Pritzker Lab at the Field Museum, (left) and Illinois Conservation Police Officer Jed Whitchurch (right). Credit: Steve Miller)

Field Museum Examining Shark Fin Seized From Chinatown Restaurant

The Field Museum is now examining a 40-pound shark fin that was seized from a Chinatown restaurant last year – as scientists try to determine what species of shark was in the possession – illegally – of restaurant owners.


Sue, the lovely T-Rex. (Credit: Jasmyn Martin)

Researchers Sending Bacteria From Sue The T-Rex Into Outer Space

Sue, the Field Museum’s famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, isn’t exactly becoming the first dinosaur astronaut, but at least a few microscopic parts of her are going into orbit.


Found in Morocco in early 2012, this small meteorite has been donated to the Field Museum (Credit: Regine Schlesinger)

Field Museum Gets “Oddball” Green Meteorite

The Field Museum has unveiled an unusual find – a green meteorite discovered in southern Morocco two years ago.


(File photo credit: DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Annual Winter Bird Count Makes Rare Find For This Time Of Year

Birders out yesterday for Chicago’s Christmas lakefront bird count documented a few unusual sightings.


Field Museum volunteer Sheila Reynolds. (CBS)

Someone You Should Know: Field Museum Volunteer Sheila Reynolds

At 92, Sheila Reynolds takes two buses to get to her beloved institution, where she helps catalog animal bones.


Siats Meekerorum Dinosaur. (Artist Credit: Jorge Gonzales)

Field Museum Scientist Helps Discover Dinosaur That Terrorized T-Rex

Were the Siats meekerorum in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, you have to wonder if any of the characters would have made it off the island alive.


Field Museum photographed by John Weinstein (Credit: The Field Museum's facebook)

Belt Tightening At Field And Adler, But Finances Not Dire

Two icons of Chicago culture, The Adler Planetarium and The Field Museum, have been tightening budgets and refocusing missions. The Adler recently cut 15 staff positions and next year, 18 positions will be eliminated at The Field, mostly through attrition.


The Field Museum

Field Museum Mourns Loss Of Storm Chaser Killed In Tornado

Field Museum Project Manager Tom Skwerski says Tim Samara helped put together the Nature Unleashed exhibit five years ago an exhibit now on tour.


Field Museum photographed by John Weinstein (Credit: The Field Museum's facebook)

Siberian Meteor Fragments Land At Field Museum

The Field Museum has hundreds of new meteorite fragments in its collection thanks to a retired lake forest health care executive who’s second career seems to be chasing visitors from outer space, reports WBBM’s John Cody .


Field Museum photographed by John Weinstein (Credit: The Field Museum's facebook)

Field Museum Unveils New Sea Creature Fossil

A fossil of a prehistoric sea creature called an ichthyosaur is now on display at the Field Museum.