Filene’s Basement


Filene’s Basement, Syms Going Out Of Business

You won’t be seeing long lines on State Street in the wee hours of the morning anymore for the running of the brides at Filene’s Basement.

CBS Chicago–11/02/2011

Running Of The Brides

Frenzied Brides Swarm Dress Racks At Filene’s Basement

Hundreds of frenzied women on a mission created pandemonium Friday morning at Filene’s Basement on State Street.

CBS Chicago–09/16/2011

Running Of The Brides

Hundreds Brave Rain For Running Of The Brides

Hundreds of women braved the rain and nippy temperatures Friday morning to score a bargain on a wedding dress at Filene’s Basement.

CBS Chicago–04/08/2011


Guide To: Michigan Avenue Shopping On A Budget

Although Michigan Avenue is home to designer stores such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, and Ralph Lauren, there are plenty of other great places to shop without breaking the bank.


Police Generic

11 Teens Charged In Michigan Avenue Shoplifting Spree

Eleven teenagers have been arrested after they allegedly shoplifted merchandise from three stores on North Michigan Avenue on Wednesday.


Bargain hunting at Beta Boutique. (credit:

Best Bargain Hunting In Chicago

For thrify shoppers, the best bargain hunting in Chicago is an all-out adventure.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010