Found Money

U.S. cash (Bertrand Langlois/AFP/Getty Images)

Man Returns Thousands Of Dollars Found Outside Bank Drive-Through Window

It’s a story that puts your honesty to the test. You find a pile of cash. Thousands of dollars. What do you do?


Pile of cash (CBS)

McHenry County Man Close To Collecting $150K He Found In Garden

A McHenry County man who found more than $100,000 in his vegetable garden last year only has to wait another month and a half before he can claim it.

CBS Chicago–08/09/2012

Photo Of $20 And $10 Bills. (AP Photo)

Mystery Of $150K In Vegetable Garden Remains Unsolved

A McHenry County man who found $150,000 dollars in his vegetable garden is still waiting to see if he gets to keep the loot.

CBS Chicago–09/09/2011