Frying Pan

Nora P. Leach-Peterson (Kane County State's Attorney)

Woman Who Fatally Beat Boyfriend With Frying Pan Gets 22 Years

Nora P. Leach-Peterson struck Michael Mielczarek in the head with a frying pan several times, prosecutors said. Neighbors heard the commotion and called police, who found Mielczarek unresponsive.


Nora P. Peterson is charged with murder for allegedly striking her boyfriend with a frying pan. (Elgin Police)

Elgin Woman Charged With Murder After Striking Boyfriend With Frying Pan During Fight

An Elgin woman is charged with first-degree murder after allegedly hitting her boyfriend in the head with a frying pan during an argument in the home they shared.


Marco Santos, 39, was charged with scalding his 2-year-old son with a burning hot frying pan because his son soiled his diaper. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

Prosecutors: Man Scalded 2-Year-Old Son Because Of Dirty Diaper

A man became so upset when his 2-year-old son asked him to change his soiled diaper that he scalded the toddler with a burning hot frying pan.