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Animated demonstration of alkaline hydrolysis, a flameless cremation process under review by the governor's office. (Photo Courtesy: Matthews Cremation North America)

New Flameless Cremation Process Could Be Legalized In Illinois

For 20,000 years, people have been using fire to cremate their loved ones. Now, for the first time, there’s a new way to do cremations and, if Gov. Pat Quinn signs a measure approved by the legislature, it could be available in Illinois by march.

CBS 2–12/28/2011

A wooden casket containing unclaimed remains.  (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

Activists To Push For More Funding For Funerals For Indigent

More than 150 ministers and funeral home directors – most of them centered in the black community – met Tuesday afternoon to plan lobbying strategy to push the state for more money for public aid burials.

CBS Chicago–10/18/2011