Gate Crashers

Eight-foot tall fencing, used during the NATO Summit for barricades around McCormick Place, have been set up around much of the perimeter of Lollapalooza, to keep out gate crashers who plagued the festival last year. (Credit: CBS)

Lollapaloza Taking Steps To Keep Out Gate Crashers, Protect Grant Park Grass

Call them Lollapa-losers; the free-loaders who crashed the entrance gates at Lollapalooza last year without paying. No encores allowed this year.

CBS Chicago–08/01/2012

Several people used their cell phones to record video of large crowds of gate crashers knocking down fences at Lollapalooza and running past security to get into the music festival without paying. (Credit: YouTube)

Hundreds Jump Fences During Lollapalooza

It’s the one part of Lollapalooza that few people saw until now — hundreds of young people rushing a fence and knocking it down, then running right past security.

CBS Chicago–08/08/2011