Meet The Latest Cubs Curse Reverse: Littleton The Dwarf GoatHe’s described by handlers as 10 pounds of good karma, and they hope the animal can undo the infamous “Billy Goat” curse of 1945.
O'Hare Goes To The Goats, For A Little LandscapingGrazing goats and landscaping llamas are among the newest workers at O'Hare international airport.
Package With Goat's Head Delivered To Wrigley An “intimidating package” containing a goat’s head was dropped off at Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon for Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts
Lakeview's Popular Giraffe Sculptures Removed By OwnerMetallic sculptures of two giraffes and a goat have been removed from a street in Lakeview after more than three decades.
Horrible HoroscopesMason Johnson knows nothing about horoscopes or astrology. Seriously. When he was six, his mom thought it was funny to make him stick his head out the car window and scream, “What’s your sign?” at women walking by. That is the extent of his experience. Also, Mason is an Aquarius… ladies.

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