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Guide To Chicago’s Literary Landmarks

Chicago’s literary history lives largely in its stories and structures, two things that are often intertwined in urban literature. Here’s a selection of notable sites of literary history in and around Chicago.



Chicagoland’s Best Horse Racing Tracks

Horse racing tracks are a Chicago tradition than can be fun for family and friends. Why not check out some of the great tracks in the Chicagoland area?


John Mahoney

Screen Stars On The Chicago Stage

TV and film actors often take to the stage to get back to their roots, re-establish cred, or to avoid having to act in lowly commercials in between jobs, and Broadway productions have increasingly looked to Hollywood for ticket-selling star power. Here’s a selection upcoming productions with notable names and familiar faces.


Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival Guide

It is once again time for film buffs to carve up their calendars for two weeks of movies at the AMC River East. With this year’s Chicago International Film Festival comes 180 films from 50 countries. Here are a dozen highlights for this year’s festival.



Free Museum Day Guide

As autumn is upon us, it’s time to rediscover the great indoors, and our area museums provide some excellent indoor spaces to explore. All free days at the museums listed are for Illinois residents only, unless otherwise noted.


Chicago Botanic

Best Chicagoland Nature Trails

Skip the gym and get some free exercise on one of Chicagoland’s many nature trails. Here’s a rundown of some of the best of the area’s walkable outdoors.


Montrose Room

Best Smaller Suburban Music Venues

Despite what some city folk may believe, Chicago does not have a monopoly on local live music options. As music fans are generally familiar with the larger venues around Chicagoland, here’s a selection of notable smaller stages beyond the city limits.


Fulton's On The River

Waterside Dining Guide

The weather window may be limited, but there is plenty of time left this season to maximize the al fresco experience and settle in to one of these prime waterside venues.



New Chicago Hotels Guide

In the past couple of years, downtown Chicago has welcomed several new and updated additions to its roster of excellent hotels. If you’re looking for an impressive new place to accommodate visiting friends, relatives or clients, or if you just want to hang out at a swank new hotel restaurant/bar, here’s a rundown of notable recent additions to the city’s hotel scene.


Double Riding

Official Anti-Boredom Month Guide

In addition to being National Blueberry Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month and National Cell Phone Courtesy Month (got that, CTA riders?), July is also, appropriately, National Anti-Boredom Month. Here’s a selection of local options to fan the flames of fun, and to help this July reach its fullest potential.


Picnic In The City

Free Summer Concert Guide

Here’s a rundown of notable upcoming performances that are strictly free of charge!


Gold Coast Art Fair

Summer Art Fair Guide

It seems like this summer every block of every downtown in Chicagoland, large and small, will at some point be lined with booths offering all manner of decorative, collectible, hand-crafted, painted, sculpted, and otherwise artsy goods. Here’s a selection of local destination fairs and festivals coming up this summer.



Best Butcher Shops

Chicago has plenty of meat markets, but since it’s “Barbeque Month” we’ll focus on the grilling kind as opposed to the River North kind. Here’s a selection of some of the best places in Chicago to find the goods for the grill.


Sars Benefit Concert Held In Toronto

Famous (and not-so-famous) Chicago-British Connections

Chicago’s last real brush with British royalty was in the summer of 1996, when Princess Diana stopped by for three days, staying at the Drake hotel, visiting Northwestern and partying at the Field Museum. It marked a rare occasion for the city to host a major royal visit, and was one of several notable associations with England throughout the city’s history. Several other Brits have made their mark on Chicago in distinct ways, and vice versa. Here’s a rundown of some other famous (and not-so-famous) Chicago-British connections.


Lurie Garden

Sanctuaries in the City: Eight Places to Unwind in Chicago

Even the most urbane of city dwellers needs the occasional respite from the psychic pressure of the concrete jungle. For those without a go-to chill spot, here’s a selection of relaxation stations to consider.


Civic Opera Barber Salon

Classic Chicago Barbershops

When it comes to haircuts, some guys prefer going to a salon for styling, and all the bells, whistles and high-end hair products that go with it. Other guys prefer a simple, straight-up old school barbershop. For guys who haven’t yet found their go-to haircut spot, here’s a selection of some classic Chicago barbershops to consider.


Chicago Pizza

Ten Unique Chicago Tours

It’s (finally) once again the time of year to get out and rediscover the city, and/or entertain curious visitors. When it comes to Chicago tours, most people tend to go for architecture-gazing on the river or a buzz around Millennium Park on a Segway, but if you’ve been there and done that, do you really want to do the same thing yet again?



8 New Chicago Books

Chicago has a vibrant literary history that continues to thrive. There’s a wealth of classic published works covering the city’s story from its beginnings, and quite a few recent books illuminate the many facets of present day Chicago. Here’s a selection of recent Chicago-related books to consider for your spring/summer reading list.


Alliance Bakery

Chicago Anti-Valentine’s Day Guide

Being single at this time of year can be especially stressful, as images of hearts and roses abound and the landscape becomes an increasingly crimson reminder of singlehood. All the single ladies (and guys), here’s a guide to help celebrate the holiday your way.


Taverns With A Twist

Taverns With A Twist: Chicago Bars With Unique Activities

Here’s a list of venues that offer a little something out of the ordinary.