Doyel: Le Batard HOF Vote Stunt A Cry For Attention, Reveals NothingDan Le Batard wanted his Baseball Hall of Fame vote to be heard, so he gave it to one of the biggest megaphones in sports -- Deadspin.
Doyel: Baseball's Champagne Celebration A Tired ClicheBaseball players are still doing that stupid champagne thing in the clubhouse, and every year it bothers me, and every year I let it go.
Doyel: Time To Pay College Football PlayersGregg Doyel makes a case to pay college athletes.
Doyel: Steelers, Bengals Switch IdentitiesFor one night, if not for a whole lot longer, the Bengals have become the Steelers. And the Steelers, bless 'em, have become the Bengals.
Doyel: The Decision 2.0 Is Coming It's happening again. LeBron James is happening. Another round of free agency. Another decision. Another chance for the greatest player of his generation, and possibly the greatest player of any generation, to stack the deck and make it as easy as possible to win another two or three NBA titles.
Doyel: Urban Meyer Is Becoming Somebody To Like Haters gonna hate, but Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is becoming somebody to like.
Doyel: We Know What Braun Is - A Cheater & A Liar It's not the cheating that has us -- OK, me -- so mad at Ryan Braun. It's the lying. It's the attacking of that specimen collector. It's the oath upon his own life that he was telling the truth.
Doyel: Manziel Veers Close To Edge With Manning Camp SnafuThis was a red flag.
Doyel: Angered By Spanish HR Derby Interviews? Get Used To It The future arrived Monday night on ESPN. It arrived in all its high-def, plasmatic, Technicolor glory.
Doyel: Lack Of Leadership Continues To Sink HeatThe question was raised after Game 5, but not by the media.
Doyel: Brian Kelly Is Sticking It To A Waffling RecruitSo it's not just the system that sucks. For playing along with the system, Notre Dame sucks too.
Doyel: Wade Is The Dirtiest Player In The NBASomeone has to say it, so I'll be the bad guy. No, wait. Dwyane Wade is the bad guy.

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