Grove Street

Pedestrian sign (Photo by Stand Honda/ Getty Images)

Father, 5-Year-Old Son Struck By Car In Evanston

A 39-year-old man and his 5-year-old son were both seriously injured Thursday morning when they were struck by a vehicle as the man walked the boy to school in north suburban Evanston, police said.


The Keg's liquor license has been pulled. (CBS)

Evanston Revokes Bar License After Underage Drinking Incidents

In Evanston, the mayor is expected to make a ruling Tuesday on whether to revoke the liquor license from a popular nightclub which has become well-known among teenagers.

CBS Chicago–01/30/2012


Geocache Mistaken For Bomb In Evanston

A scary-looking item drew a bomb squad to a park just west of downtown Evanston over the weekend, but the item turned out to be harmless and mundane.

CBS Chicago–05/09/2011

Evanston Fire

Extra-Alarm Fire Destroys Building In Evanston

Firefighters in Evanston had their hands full battling a three-alarm blaze that destroyed a building overnight.

CBS Chicago–03/16/2011