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Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

Finding the right suit can sometimes be intimidating because it can be a pricey venture with little room for mistakes. Chicago stylist Eric Himel offers some great style tips on finding the perfect suit for your build, style and situation.


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How Not To Dress Like A Jerk

Put the board shorts down, son. There’s nothing more we can do for them. Flip the collar back down, pull the deep V-neck back up, and bid Sunshine City goodbye for now. Of course, we’re not in Sweater Vest Village yet. There’s a brief detour in Playa del Plaid! But seriously, let’s get you some weather appropriate clothes before the neighbors start to stare.


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Best Men’s Wear Clothing Stores In Chicago

Enhancing a man’s wardrobe can be a trying task for some, but this list makes the task easier.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2010