Halloween Candy

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Pick-A-Side: Which Is The Best Halloween Candy?

Choose your favorite Halloween candy!


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Home Nutrition: Is Trick Or Treating Worth It?

It may be hard for parents to lay down a no-candy law for their kids on this sweetly scary night, but should they?


Carolyn Schierhorn says she found a nail in a piece of Halloween candy. (CBS)

Wheaton Mother Says She Found Nail In Halloween Candy Bar

A Wheaton mom, dipping into her children’s trick or treat candy, says she bit into a tiny candy bar and found a nail inside.


Ledell Peoples, 55, is accused of stabbing Maria Adams, 49, on Halloween over a missing bag of Halloween Candy. Adams died nearly a week later. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

Woman Dies After Gruesome Halloween Stabbing

A man was so enraged over a missing bag of candy he plunged a knife into a woman multiples times on Halloween. He was arrested and charges are expeced to be upgraded for him after her death Saturday night.


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Police: Halloween Candy Tampering Was Hoax

A 16-year-old boy is charged with a felony, after he allegedly created a hoax that someone was tampering with trick-or-treat candy being given to kids in Schaumburg.

CBS Chicago–11/04/2010

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Police Narrow Area Tainted Candy Came From

Police have narrowed down a geographic area where some tampered Halloween candy given to trick-or-treaters Sunday night is believed to have originated.


Halloween (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Suburban Cops: Tampered Candy Given To Kids

Suburban police are investigating reports that someone tampered with Halloween candy given to children Sunday night.

CBS Chicago–11/01/2010