Thousands Of Women Reporting Problems With Essure Birth ControlThere is growing concern about a medical device being implanted in women to prevent pregnancy.
Nasty Germs May Be Lurking In Your Hotel Swimming PoolWith summer almost upon us, health officials are warning Americans to take precaution against nasty germs that could be lurking in swimming pools. 
New Study: Spouses Can Boost Early Detection For Melanoma PatientsThere's an extra bonus to marriage for melanoma patients: New research says they tend to be diagnosed in earlier more treatable stages than patients who are unmarried, widowed or divorced.
Chicago Surgeon Sets Up Medication Disposal ProgramDr. Jonah Stulberg is taking steps to ensure highly-addictive opioid medications don't fall into the wrong hands.
Flu Vaccine May Only Be 10% Effective, Experts SayOn average, past flu vaccines have been about 42 percent effective, though that number can range.
One Football Season Increases Risk Of Brain InjuryNew research indicates teenage football players have an increased risk of long-term brain effects after just one season.
Chicago Health Center Sees Rise In Syphilis CasesThe Howard Brown reports said in 2016 alone, its clinics detected 303 new syphilis cases - a 28 percent increase from the previous year.
Doctors Are Seeing A Spike In Child Flu CasesThe vaccine is a good match for this year's virus, but no longer offering the flu mist option may be keeping some parents away.
4 Things You Should Know About Breast CancerDr. Laura Farrington talks with CBS 2's Marissa Bailey about risks and gives us four things women need to know about breast cancer.
How To Combat Childhood ObesityLifestyle Specialist Maisha Wynn, of Live to Wynn shares simple changes you can make to keep your kids healthy.
For Some, Burning Sensation In Mouth Is Non-StopIt may sound like a joke, but Burning Mouth Syndrome is no laughing matter. CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez reports.
Healthwatch: Drinking From Sport Bottles Could Cause WrinklesWe've heard the advice before, drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy, and for many that means drinking water from a sport bottle. But as CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports, all that drinking could cause premature aging.

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