Heat Deaths Up To 18 From Recent Heat WaveA Robbins man and a man from the South Side have become the 17th and 18th deaths blamed at least partly due to the recent heat wave.
15 Deaths In Cook County Now Linked To Heat WaveCook County officials said Tuesday that 15 deaths have now been tied to heat-related illnesses during the recent heat wave.
Another 90-Plus Day For Heat-Weary ChicagoansThe heat may feel a little less oppressive today than in it has for much of this week, but temperatures will still be sticky and uncomfortable as they top 90 degrees.
Temperature Hits 100 Degrees In Some SpotsThe forecast high for the day is still near the triple digits, and the temperature could even rise to 100.
9-1-1 Calls Reveal Crowd Concerns At North Ave. BeachQuestions persist about why North Avenue Beach was really closed on Memorial Day. Emergency calls made that day seems to suggest concerns about the crowds, not the heat.
Doubts Mount About Why City Closed North Avenue BeachA lot of residents and beachgoers still are not buying the city’s version of events about why the city closed the North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day.
Emanuel: Heat-Related Illness Forced North Avenue Beach ShutdownWas it fear of a violent flash mob, heat sickness, or just too many people? The search for answers continues this morning about why North Avenue Beach was shut down on Memorial Day.

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