Hub Arkush

NFL football commissioner Roger Goodell, center, announces that NFL owners have agreed to a tentative agreement that would end the lockout pending the. Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, left, and Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt look on. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Arkush: Owners Have Zero Regard For Players

The tentative agreement ratified only by NFL owners is “infuriating and insulting” to the players who remain locked out, says Pro Football Weekly and 670-The Score’s Hub Arkush.

670 The Score–07/22/2011

Johnny Knox

Florio: No Evidence To Suggest NFL Deal Isn’t Close

Over the course of the 120 days of the NFL Lockout, conflicting media reports have surfaced several times per week indicating that an end was either on the horizon, or that preseason games would be missed.

670 The Score–07/13/2011

Chicago Bears Fans

Arkush: NFL And Players Still Have A Lot To Agree On

Due to the gag order placed on the negotiating teams for the NFL and the players, the only information coming out to the public has been through reporters.

670 The Score–07/11/2011

Roger Goodell

Arkush: Players Think Goodell Is A ‘Joke’

Roger Goodell heard a healthy amount of boos when he took to the podium during April’s NFL Draft. So it’s pretty clear what the fans think of the commissioner. But what do the players and owner think of him?

670 The Score–07/11/2011

Roger Goodell at the 2010 NFL Draft

Arkush: ‘The Biggest 24 To 36 Hours Of Roger Goodell’s Life’

The NFL owners wrapped up their Tuesday meetings in Rosemont. And while there are several reports surfacing about what was discussed, the main sticking point in the negotiations with the players still seems to be revenue sharing.

670 The Score–06/21/2011

Jerry Angelo

Arkush: Angelo Has No Integrity

Late in the first round of the NFL Draft, it appeared as if the Ravens had made a mistake in not selecting a player with their 26th overall pick. But it would later come out that it was the Bears who made the mistake.

670 The Score–05/02/2011

Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo

What Will The Bears Do In The Draft’s Second Round?

With the first round of the NFL Draft in the books, we know that former a Wisconsin Badger will be joining the Chicago Bears offensive line, but the draft is far from over, and right now the Bears have five more picks.

670 The Score–04/29/2011

Roger Goodell at the 2010 NFL Draft

Arkush: Goodell Could Be ‘Worst Commissioner In History Of Sports’

On Monday, a judged lifted the NFL’s lockout of the players union, in essence opening back up the business of the NFL. It’s decision considered to be a win for the players, and a decision that prompted a response from Roger Goodell.

670 The Score–04/26/2011

Danieal Manning

Arkush: New NFL Kickoff Rule Is ‘Terrible’

The NFL owners called to vote today on some newly proposed rules to be implemented in the NFL this next season.

670 The Score–03/22/2011

DeMaurice Smith

Arkush: Not Much Has Changed In NFL Labor Talks

On Friday at 4:00 (CST) the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the players’ union will officially expire. The CBA was extended by a week, last Friday, but since the it seems like little ground has been made.

670 The Score–03/10/2011

Lovie Smith

Arkush: Lovie Contract Doesn’t Change Much

Last week the Chicago Bears rewarded head coach Lovie Smith with a two-year contract extension. It was an extension that cause a stir among Bears fans.

670 The Score–03/01/2011

John Danks

Breaking Down Buehrle, Peavy And Danks

Offensively, the Chicago White Sox should have plenty of fire power to compete for the division title. But with a big seasons by some of the starting pitchers the White Sox could be thinking bigger.

670 The Score–02/25/2011

Cubs Uniform Logo. (Credit: Getty)

Len Kasper Talks About The Coming Cubs Season

The baseball season is fast approaching, and WGN-TV and Comcast SportsNet Cubs play-by-play announcer Len Kasper is talking about what to expect.

670 The Score–02/25/2011

Lovie Smith

Arkush: New Lovie Contract Would Be ‘Galactic Mistake’

It should be a pretty quite offseason around Halas Hall. Outside of the NFL draft, there won’t be any major additions or subtractions to the roster. But the status of Lovie Smith’s contract could shake things up.

670 The Score–02/11/2011

Chris Williams

Too Early To Call Williams A Bust

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Chris Williams was drafted to be the team’s left tackle of the future. But so far the Vanderbilt alum is looking more like a solid guard.

670 The Score–02/10/2011

Roger Goodell

Arkush: Labor Talks Could Drag ‘Through The Mud’

The week leading up to the Super Bowl, the festivities in Dallas were the center of the NFL universe. From team pictures to media day to player injuries, every aspect of the game received the nation’s full attention.

670 The Score–02/07/2011

Lovie Smith

Is Extending Lovie’s Contract The Right Decision?

Chicago Bears’ general manager Jerry Angelo has already expressed interest in extending Lovie Smith’s contract beyond next season. But it might not be as easy as it seems.

670 The Score–01/28/2011

Lovie Smith

Arkush: Not A Punishment, But No Need To Extend Lovie’s Contract

With the final snaps of the Chicago Bears’ 2010 season over, the focus now shifts towards the offseason. During the 2011 season, head coach Lovie Smith will be in his last season of his contract.

670 The Score–01/24/2011

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Arkush: Packers Are Better Team, Will Win

It’s been a long week of analysis. Almost every angle of the game has been broken down and looked at under a microscope. From offense to defense to special teams, everyone has enough information to make their own prediction of the outcome.

670 The Score–01/21/2011

Julius Peppers

Arkush: ‘The Better Team Is Going To Win’

It’s been a long week of analysis of matchups, players, schemes and even player personalities. But that goes out the window when the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks take the field.

670 The Score–01/14/2011