Hub Arkush

Jay Cutler

Arkush: Bears’ Best Football Will Rout Seahawks

No one expected the Seattle Seahawks to knock off the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Could the same fate await the Chicago Bears?

670 The Score–01/10/2011

Jerry Angelo and Jay Cutler

Does Angelo Deserve More Credit?

Not too long ago, many people were calling for Jerry Angelo to be fired. But there’s no denying that he’s made two moves that have lead the Bears to the playoffs this season.

670 The Score–01/07/2011

Jay Cutler

Which Cutler Will We See In The Playoffs?

This is the first winning season that Jay Cutler has had since he was in high school. And because of that, people will debate his ability to win the big game and carry a team in the playoffs.

670 The Score–01/03/2011

Lovie Smith

Lovie’s Tough Decision, Rest Or Play Starters

The Minnesota Vikings finally did something right this season. By beating the Philadelphia Eagles, the Vikings gave the Bears a guaranteed first round bye in the NFC Playoffs.

670 The Score–12/29/2010

Matt Toeaina

Arkush Evalutes The Future Of Matt Toeaina

One of the biggest surprises this season has been the outstanding play of defensive lineman Matt Toeaina.

670 The Score–12/21/2010

Julius Peppers

Bears Have Packers Right Where They Want Them

The Bears know just how good the New England Patriots are, and the Green Bay Packers are about to find that out for themselves.

670 The Score–12/15/2010

Chicago Bears

Arkush: Offensive Lines Were The Biggest Difference

The Bears were beat, and beat badly by the New England Patriots. The most glaring issue the Bears had was that the Patriots’ offense could do pretty much whatever it wanted.

670 The Score–12/13/2010

Lovie Smith

Bears Must Be Creative On Defense

The Bears are who they are. They trust their schemes and rely on their players to make plays. And when that combination works, the wins pile up.

670 The Score–12/10/2010

Matt Forte

Forte Showing Patience And Explosion

Early in the season the lack of rushing yards made many wonder whether Matt Forte’s career would be defined by his rookie season, or the season that followed.

670 The Score–12/06/2010

Jay Cutler

Arkush: Can Cutler Take The Next Step?

Plenty of quarterbacks don’t reach their full potential in the NFL because they don’t put in the classroom hours necessary. While Cutler is doing enough for right now, can he take his game to the next level?

670 The Score–11/24/2010

Chicago Bears Coaching Staff

Arkush: Bears Have Been A Well Coached Team

The coaching staff has received plenty of criticism over the last few seasons. However, over the course of the last three games the coaches have put the team in position win.

670 The Score–11/19/2010

mark crop

Arkush: A Tribute To A Fallen Teammate

Engineer Mark Zerang died at 4:00 pm on Friday, November 12th at the age of 49, and Heaven instantly became a far better place. He was too young and it will never be fair.

670 The Score–11/15/2010

Chester Taylor

Arkush: Don’t Expect Running To Continue

It was obvious that the Bears focused more on the running game when preparing for the Buffalo Bills. However, that focus may not be sustained for the rest of the season.

670 The Score–11/08/2010

Randy Moss

UPDATE: Moss To Bears No Longer ‘A Real Possibility’

From the moment the news broke that Randy Moss had been waived by the Minnesota Vikings, every Bears fan wondered if the team would take a shot at him. According to Hub Arkush it could happen.

670 The Score–11/03/2010

Matt Forte

Bigger Role For Running Backs In Toronto

The Bears running backs were a position of strength coming into the season. Outside of the Carolina game they haven’t been a featured part of the offense. That might change come Sunday.

670 The Score–11/01/2010

Mike Martz and Lovie Smith

Drastic Improvements Needed

The Score reunited the Bears radio broadcast team from several years ago, when Tom Thayer and Hub Arkush, who were filling in for Mully and Hanley, were joined by Jeff Joniak.

670 The Score–11/01/2010

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