Hybrid Cars

Chicago's vehicle sticker. (CBS)

Alderman Wants City Sticker Fee Discount For Hybrids, Hike For Gas Guzzlers

A Chicago alderman wants to change the pricing for city vehicle stickers to force motorists with big, gas-guzzling vehicles to pay more and give those with more fuel efficient cars a break.

CBS Chicago–04/13/2011

Nissan Leaf

Will Hybrid Sales Surge Along With Gasoline Prices?

As gas prices keep climbing, every driver is looking to keep more money their pockets. Some drivers are so fed up, they’re trading in their traditional vehicles for hybrids.


Toyota Prius is displayed at the Chicago Auto Show (Credit: Frank Polich/Getty Images)

Fuel Efficiency Taking Spotlight At Auto Show

Gas prices have marched upward steadily for the past two months, and a number of the auto executives attending the Chicago Auto Show say it is affecting what people want to see at the show and in the showroom.

WBBM Newsradio–02/12/2011