Snow and ice could create some hard to see problems for your home. (Credit: CBS)

Tips For Protecting Your Home From Snow, Ice Damage

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports just because you dug yourself out and made it to work today doesn’t mean you’ve survived the blizzard unscathed.


At least 40 icicles hang from the roof of Jerome Ashishtoam's house in Glenview, including a massive icicle that blocks the front door. (Viewer photo)

Couple Likes Icicles So Much, They Let Massive One Block Their Front Door

Icicles decorate the front of many a home in Chicago and the suburbs, thanks to the weather we’ve been having, but few are like those on the front of a home in north suburban Glenview.



Elderly Man Told To Stop Shooting Down Icicles

An elderly west suburban man will not be charged after choosing an unconventional method to knock icicles off his house—a handgun.


Icicles. (Credit: CBS)

Icicles A Big Concern For Chicago-Area Homeowners

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports if icicles are hanging from your roof top, you need to check the inside of your home to make sure you don’t have any damage.