Expect Nude Bikers In Chicago This Weekend, A PoemFor those who wish to shed their clothes on bike / Tomorrow's Naked Bike Ride you will like...
South Side Museum Oversteps Bounds By Towing Car Off Street: OfficialsA high school security officer is hopping mad because her car was illegally towed -- and she's got the video to prove it.
More Detainees Allege Illegal Strip Searches By LaSalle DeputiesIn the latest 30-page, 14-count civil complaint, filed Thursday, three women and a man claimed they were stripped by sheriff's deputies without provocation and left naked in their cells for anywhere from 12 hours to two days.
Suit: School Officials Illegally Strip-Searched BoyThe principal and assistant principal of a north suburban middle school subjected a 13-year-old boy to a strip search — visible to anyone outside the conference room they were in -- because they suspected he had marijuana, according to a federal lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother.
EU: Boeing Received Illegal U.S. SubsidiesThe World Trade Organization is investigating allegations that Chicago-based Boeing has received illegal subsidies.

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