Illinois Public Interest Research Group

Twinkies vs Apples 0726

Consumer Advocacy Group: Cut Federal Subsidies For Junk Food

Food activists piled 21 packs of Twinkies next to half an apple at Daley Plaza on Thursday to demonstrate the size of federal subsidies going to ingredients for junk food.

CBS Chicago–07/26/2012

Illinois PIRG

Watchdog Group: Tax Shelters Cost Everyone Else Money

A local watchdog group says average Illinois taxpayers are carrying a heavier tax burden, because big corporations are sheltering much of their income in foreign countries.

WBBM Newsradio–04/12/2012

Unemployment Line

Report: Corporate Tax Breaks Often Don’t Mean Good Jobs In Illinois

Illinois is better at giving away tax breaks than at drawing good jobs as a result, according to a new national report.

CBS Chicago–12/15/2011