Woman Charged With Posing As Federal Official In Housing ScamCynthia Wallace, 45, is charged with one count of falsely assuming and pretending to be an officer of the United States.
'Kid Cop' Sentenced To Prison For Again Impersonating OfficerVincent Richardson pleaded guilty Thursday to false impersonation of a peace officer and Judge Lauren Gottainer Edidin sentenced him to 18 months in prison and issued a $454 fine.
Sheriff: Woman's Claim She Was Raped By Cop Impersonator Is A Hoax A 33-year-old woman had told police she was pulled over by a fake cop Tuesday evening on a roadside in unincorporated Plano and sexually assaulted at gunpoint.
Man Charged With Impersonating Alderman In Scheme To Raise MoneyA West Garfield Park neighborhood man apparently believed he looked enough like an alderman – or that enough people had no clue what the alderman in question looked like – to go around impersonating the city lawmaker.
Man Pretends To Be Deaf To Evade Arrest, FailsA wanted man allegedly pretended to be deaf and mute when police caught him, but officers didn’t buy it.
Skokie Man Indicted For Impersonating LawyerA man who allegedly impersonated a lawyer to get money from criminal suspects in more than 60 cases in Cook County has been indicted on three felony counts.
Police Nab An Alleged Phony CopA phony cop is in jail after reportedly trying to bluff his way past a real one.

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