Baffoe: Did We Get What We Wished For With Baseball Replay?There are more loopholes and flaws than anyone envisioned with the new system.
Baseball To Move Forward With Instant ReplayAnother baseball tradition is about to largely disappear: a manager, with a crazed look in his eyes, charging the field and getting into a face-to-face shouting match with an umpire.
Sports Verdict: How Would You Change Baseball? Instant Replay Vs. Designated HitterWith several rule changes under consideration in MLB, two interesting prospects include expanding replay reviews in the game, and allowing the NL to exercise a DH option. If one were forced to choose either of these options, which would be best?
MLB On Track For More Instant Replay In 2014 Major League Baseball is moving ahead with plans to expand instant replay next year.
Bernstein: Stop Getting Calls WrongI’m still waiting for a single credible argument against widely expanded use of instant replay in baseball to get critical calls right, since the two usually offered are embarrassingly limp.
Muller: Baseball Doesn't Need More Instant ReplayThere are certain things in life that you just don’t mess with. You don’t add a strobe light to the flame of the Statue of Liberty because it is more “modern.”
Dorfman: Replay Proposal Makes Instant SenseCommon sense and baseball sometimes can be contradictory phrase. But once in a while, the sport manages to get something right, or at least correct a longstanding wrong.
MLB Considering Expanding Instant Replay Next SeasonAlex Rios charges hard from center field, chasing a sinking line drive. His glove, the ball and the grass all smack together at the same time. What's the call? Next year, it well could be: Let's look at the replay!

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