CTA Cermak Stop

Boys Charged With Robbing Woman Of iPhone At Red Line Stop

Two teenage boys stand charged with robbing a woman of her iPhone at a CTA train stop, in what police call “apple-picking.”

CBS Chicago–10/23/2011

Dylan Partner, a Chicago third-grader, uses an iPad at school Thursday. (CBS)

Steve Jobs’ Influence Seen All Over Chicago

The impact of Jobs’ gadgets and gizmos is not lost on Americans of any age. They’ve been touched by his revolutionary computers and smart phones. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.


Verizon iPhone

‘L’ Train Passengers Help Catch iPhone Robber

Another passenger was robbed of an iPhone on the ‘L’ Wednesday, but this time, passengers stepped in and caught the suspect.

CBS Chicago–10/06/2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the event introducing the new  iPhone 4s at the company's headquarters October 4, 2011 in Cupertino, California.    The announcement marks the first time Cook introduces a new product since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs resigned in August.  October 4, 2011 in Cupertino, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Chicagoans Excited For New iPhone 4S

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S on Tuesday. A new feature means you can now talk to your phone and the phone will answer you. That voice activation feature isn’t all that’s new about the latest iPhone.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2011

Verizon iPhone

Police: Private School Teacher Caught Taking Upskirt Video

An art and shop teacher at the Francis W. Parker School in Lincoln Park was busted using his iPhone to take upskirt pictures of a woman at a street festival over the weekend, police said.

CBS Chicago–09/12/2011

An iPhone app used in California alerts CPR trainees of cardiac arrests in progress. (San Ramon Calif. Fire Dept.)

Chicago Could Be Next Market For CPR iPhone App

A new iPhone app may save your life someday. CBS2’s Mike Parker reports how the new technology, which is already working in California, may be headed for Chicago.


The Apple iPhone

Good Samaritans Help Find iPhone Thief

Police and the victim are praising some Good Samaritans who got involved and helped find the thief who took a woman’s IPhone. It happened in the Lakeview neighborhood Wednesday night.

CBS 2–07/10/2011

Sally Katona-King (Credit: CBS 2)

Teen Held In Woman’s Death At Fullerton ‘L’ Stop

Chicago police were hinting on Thursday that they might have solved the highly-publicized murder of a woman on a stairway at the Fullerton ‘L’ stop on the CTA Red Line four months ago.

CBS Chicago–07/07/2011

Sally Katona-King (Credit: CBS 2)

Two Months Later, Victim’s Family Awaits Break In CTA Station Killing

It’s been two months since a 68-year-old woman was pushed to her death at a CTA station. CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman talks with the victim’s family about the well-publicized crime.


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Man Robbed Of iPhone On Red Line Train

A man was robbed of his iPhone early Monday on a CTA Red Line train near the Clark/Division subway stop.

CBS Chicago–05/02/2011

Here is a map of locations stored on a users' iPhone.

iPhone Tracking Your Every Move–And Here’s A Map To Prove It

Apple has been storing users’ location information on their phones, and it has privacy experts concerned.

CBS Chicago–04/21/2011

Police may be using information from a stolen iPhone to track down a thief who pushed a woman CTA rider to her death last month. (CBS)

Will Technology Help Track Killer At CTA Station?

It’s been several days since 68-year-old Sally Katona-King died from being pushed at the Fullerton Avenue L stop. CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports on how the police may be tracking the killer down.


Chicago police have released this sketch of a man suspected of knocking down Sally Katona-King, 68, on Monday after stealing a person's iPhone at a CTA station. Katona-King died a day later. (Credit: Chicago Police Department)

Police Release Sketch Of ‘L’ Stop Suspect

Police plan to release a sketch of the man who knocked down and killed a 68-year-old grandmother as he bolted from a robbery at the Fullerton ‘L’ stop earlier in the week.

CBS Chicago–03/31/2011

March Madness App. (Credit: iTunes)

iPhone App Offers Channel Help For March Madness

Having trouble finding the proper cable channel to watch your favorite NCAA basketball game? Well, the iPhone has an app for that.


Shout Sports Logo

New Sports Mobile App From CBS Chicago!

Anxious about your brackets? Watching every game? Check into games, score points, root for your team and talk smack to your buddies with CBS Chicago’s latest mobile application: Shout Sports!


iPhone 4

Victim Tracks Robbers Using iPhone GPS

Two suspected robbers might as well have had neon signs on their foreheads telling police last night, “Here I am!”

CBS Chicago–02/18/2011

Verizon iPhone

Small Crowd Waits For Verizon iPhone

The dangerously bitter cold couldn’t deter a small group of people who lined up on Michigan Avenue early this morning, waiting for the doors to open at the Verizon Store.

WBBM Newsradio–02/10/2011

iPhone 4 (Ian Gavan/ Getty Images)

Best Buy Employee Stole iPhones, Planned To Sell Them Online

A northwest suburban Best Buy employee is facing a felony retail theft charge after allegedly taking 10 iPhones and a Sprint Nextel phone from the store where he worked.


New Chicago Smart Phone Apps

New Chicago Smart Phone Apps

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm, or other mobile device, getting around Chicago has never been easier. Get what you need, when you need it. Find information on local attractions, transit, deals, shopping, and more.


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Pay By Cell Phone For Everyday Purchases

First it was cash, then plastic. Now your cell phone is the new way to pay for your everyday purchases. But as CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, our latest mobile wallet has its rewards and risks.

CBS 2–11/03/2010