Did Apple Kill the iPod Classic Too Soon?And did they help to create an iPod black market by doing so?
The Death Of the iPod: Music Player That Changed The World Is GoneLost in all the buzz over Apple's new "wearable device" and bigger, badder phones, was the death of the device that was the patriarch of the company's portable digital revolution.
Gift Guide For GradsTeens and young adults this time of year are beginning to get the proverbial glazed look in their eye of senioritis. Graduation cakes will soon be cut, yearbooks signed and the endless parade of graduation parties has begun. Celebrate their accomplishments with gifts they actually want. If all else fails, cold hard cash is always a party favorite.
Are Tablet Computers, Phones OK For Young Kids?How young is too young to use a smartphone, video iPod or an iPad?
Smartphone Apps for Parents and their StudentsEvery student needs help with school sometimes, and these apps might just be the answer.
Parents Say Online Games Scamming ChildrenA Naperville 6-year-old racked up hundreds of dollars in charges because she didn't know she was actually making purchases while playing an interactive game.

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