Jacqueline Williams

Fedell Caffey, Debra Evans

Man Hopes Prosecutorial Misconduct Wins Him New Trial In Family Massacre Case

A man convicted in the 1995 murder of Debra Evans–in a plot to steal her unborn child–is hoping testimony of a former prosecutor can help him get a new trial.

CBS Chicago–07/09/2012

Fedell Caffey, Debra Evans

New Trial For Man Convicted Of Killing Family, Cutting Baby From Womb?

The man convicted of killing an Addison woman in 1995 and cutting an unborn baby from her womb should find out Wednesday when he will get a hearing that could lead to a new trial.

CBS Chicago–02/15/2012

Fedell Caffey, Debra Evans

Hearing Set For Man Convicted Of Killing Family, Cutting Baby From Womb

One of the people convicted of the murder of a pregnant woman and cutting out her unborn child over 15 years ago is headed back to court next week.

CBS Chicago–02/07/2012

Douglas Smith

Man Charged With Shooting, Killing Girlfriend In Highland, Ind.

A 26-year-old Highland, Ind., man has been charged in the murder of his girlfriend, who was found shot in the face earlier this week in the apartment they shared.

CBS Chicago–01/18/2012