Batavia Woman Travels To Plains, Ga. To Pay Tribute To Cancer Stricken Former President Elizabeth Carlson says in a matter of 24 hours, she and a friend flew to Atlanta, drove to Plains, slept in their car and witnessed something she calls surreal and inspiring.
Bernstein: USA vs. Russia Stirs Memories, Marks TimeA family on a couch, watching the US hockey team against the Russians.
CBS Local Presidential Forum: Obama/Romney: Duke It Out Over Energy And Health CareThe two presidential candidates were asked a question by CBS Local about Obamacare vs. Romneycare and asked them to talk about the similarities or differences between the two plans.
CBS Local Presidential Forum Obama/Romney: Square Off Over Education and EnergyToday on the CBS Local forum, Romney and Obama were asked: What will you do to make the U.S. more energy independent?
International Game-Changers Begin Second Day Of Talking PeaceThe second day begins in Chicago Tuesday for the first ever World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in the United States.
Nobel Peace Prize Winners Come To Chicago For World SummitFormer presidents and peace activists were in Chicago Monday for the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.
Video: Sean Payton Plays Bongos With Jimmy Buffett Sean Payton may have found something to occupy his time while he serves his one-year suspension from the NFL.
Carter Talks About Difficulties Facing ObamaListen to the entire interview with Newsradio 780's Political Editor Craig Dellimore and former President Jimmy Carter.

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