Survey: CTA Leaves Low-Income Chicagoans Behind With VentraThe Chicago Transit Authority's transition to Ventra may -- after a series of early hiccups -- have finally started to work for the majority of CTA riders, but there's one group Ventra does not seem to be benefiting: low-income Chicagoans.
Flooded With Job Seekers, Landscaper Still Wary Of Their Work EthicChristy Webber Landscapes heard from about 75 people, on the phone and in person, who said they’re ready to work cutting grass and performing other tasks for the $9 an hour starting pay, but she’s taking a wait-and-see attitude to find out if any of those people pan out.
Advice Seekers Flooded Phones For Job Coaching Hotline
Job Seekers Focus On State Of The UnionA couple from south suburban Hazel Crest watched the State of the Union address with special concern about jobs Tuesday night.

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