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Wages, Job Opportunities With The City Of Chicago On The Rise

Working for the City of Chicago has a number of advantages, including benefits and stable wages.


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Chicago CEO’s Road To Success Was Hard, But Has Proven To Be Effective

Running a successful business entails everything from marketing to finance, which can be a great foundation for careers in a number of other fields.


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Chicago Nurse Uses Degree To Focus On Narrow Field

Nursing is a field that is often thought of as broad in terms of patient care. However, Denise Latham-Lee shows how she used her degree to focus on kidney care.


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Businesswoman Used Education To Promote Change In Chicago

Education, coupled with an advanced degree, has not only opened doors to new opportunities, but has also allowed a businesswoman to educate on a much wider scale.


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Chicago IT Professional Gives Advice On A Growing Field

A Chicago international software design and development company shows how the field continues to change, with advice from its president, Aurimas Adomavicius.


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Chicago Educator Advocates For Social Justice In The Justice System

Advocating social justice isn’t just a responsibility for those in law enforcement. LaDonna Long shows how she has used her background to educate others.


Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner

Quinn, Rauner Use Jobs Claims As Campaign Weapons

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican rival Bruce Rauner have both sought to use the state’s jobs situation as a political weapon. But their claims and the numbers behind them demonstrate that the picture isn’t nearly as clear as either Quinn or Rauner suggests.


Illinois State Capitol in Springfield

New State Law Aims To Help Ex-Offenders Land Jobs

Legislation has been signed into law that’s designed to give ex-offenders in Illinois a better chance at finding work, reports WBBM’s Bob Roberts.


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Chicago Sees Increasing Job Opportunities In Field Of Nursing

Whether you’re having trouble choosing a major or thinking of returning to school, the nursing field is offering new opportunities in the Chicago area.


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Chicago Business Owner Used Education To Launch Successful Business

A degree in business can offer the fundamentals needed to successfully run a company, but oftentimes the most can be learned through additional schooling.


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A Chicago Nurse Proves It’s Never Too Late To Go Back To School

Advanced degrees in nursing are becoming a highly sought after commodity.


Senator Dick Durbin speaking at the Wheatland Tube Company on the Southwest Side. (Credit: Craig Dellimore)

Durbin Calls For Tax Credit For Companies That Employ Americans

Senator Dick Durbin was on the Southwest Side Monday morning to push for what he calls the Patriot Employer Tax Credit, reports WBMM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.


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IT Firm To Train Minority Women In STEM Jobs

Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said his Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategy firm, is proud to work with UST Global in what’s called the “Step IT Up” program in Chicago.


Rep. Bobby Rush

Rush: Jobs Key To Curbing Street Violence

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) said the coalition of political and business leaders who attended a meeting he organized Wednesday to discuss strategies to quell street violence will make the latest efforts the most effective yet.


James R. Thompson Center

Thompson Center Food Service Workers Seek Quinn’s Help Keeping Jobs

Employees who work at the various fast food stands at The Great State Fare food court in the basement of the Thompson Center are worried they’ll lose their jobs when their employer, Sodexo, moves out of the state government building hands over the reins of the food court to a new management company.


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Flooded With Job Seekers, Landscaper Still Wary Of Their Work Ethic

Christy Webber Landscapes heard from about 75 people, on the phone and in person, who said they’re ready to work cutting grass and performing other tasks for the $9 an hour starting pay, but she’s taking a wait-and-see attitude to find out if any of those people pan out.


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Landscaping Company Owner Questions Americans’ Work Ethic

A local landscaper who refuses to hire undocumented workers said she has been having a hard time finding Americans willing to do the job on a day-to-day basis, so she’s resorted to sticking magnetic “Help Wanted” signs on her trucks.


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Jewel-Osco Hiring 1,500, Releases Information On Job Fairs

Jewel-Osco is looking to hire 1,500 workers to run their planned five new stores this summer.


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Chicago CEO Uses Technology Degree To Grow His Business

Having used his educational background to found Lextech Global Services, CEO Alex Bratton offers advice for others looking to go into the field of technology.


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Chicago Businesswoman Makes It Her Mission To Help Women Gain Confidence

When many people think of a degree in psychology or counseling, it can be difficult to predict how the degree will translate into a real-world career.