Jodie Jacobs

Best Bars To Watch MLB Playoffs In ChicagoWhen ticket costs or park location make going to a playoff game in person unattainable, the next best choice is to watch the playoffs in a sports bar surrounded by like-minded fans. Fortunately, Chicago has several good bars where TVs pick up all the sports stations.
Best Karaoke Bars In ChicagoYou don't have to know all the words to a song or worry about the music. Karaoke, a Japanese word combo that means empty orchestra (music but not vocals), takes care of the melody.
Best Places To Rent A Boat In ChicagoIndeed, think less boat traffic and more fall color when going out on the water in the middle of September. And you don't have to own a boat.
Visitor's Guide To Art Institute Of ChicagoThe Art Institute of Chicago brings to the public top works by the world's most recognized artists and outstanding examples of cultural, architectural and furniture movements.
Best Ways To Celebrate Rosh Hashanah In ChicagoRosh Hashanah is celebrated by prayer, religious study, the sounding of a ram's horn called a shofar and food that includes sweet dishes for a sweet year. The holiday is particularly a time for family dinners where apples are traditionally dipped into honey and challah (twisted egg bread) and cakes are often made with honey.
Best Travel Agencies In ChicagoUnless travelers already have a specific destination in mind, they likely don't know about equal or even better destinations that would fit their time and budget. Voila, enter the travel agency.
Best Brewery Tours In ChicagoEven if you think you know the kind of beer you like, taking a brewery tour can show you why you like it and how it compares to other beer brands. You also hear a bit of beer history and what makes a good beer.
Best DIY Pottery In ChicagoAge doesn't matter. Young or old, just give yourself permission to be creative, learn a new skill or merely have fun working with clay or painting already-fired (bisque) ceramics. There are studios and centers in the Chicago area that welcome adults and youngsters to hands-on pottery experiences
Best Public Art In ChicagoIndeed, more than 700 works are scattered around the city in and outside public facilities and parks.
Best Places To Go Star And Moon Gazing Near ChicagoStar gazing can be a bit of a challenge in the Chicago area because even when the sky is clear, light pollution makes it harder to pick out some constellations. Avoid that problem with these top five star and moon gazing locations.
Best Gift Shops For Tech Lovers In ChicagoSo look beyond the variety stores that are all things to all people. Instead, hone in on places that specialize in tech gadgets and electronic systems.
Best Language Classes In ChicagoWhether traveling for business, pleasure or tracing family roots a few well chosen words in the native language can reap friendly tips and information.