John Drummond

Jerry Scalise, Arthur Rachel

FBI Tapes Reveal Mobsters’ Talks Of Robbery Plans

When an aging mob crew plotted a series of armed robberies, Big Brother was watching from above. The FBI was using either a plane, a helicopter, a satellite or perhaps a drone to keep tabs on the would-be stickup men.

CBS 2–01/24/2012

Reputed mobsters Robert Pullia (left) and Jerry Scalise (right) enter the Dirksen Federal Building before pleading guilty to planning a series of robberies on Jan. 18, 2012. (Credit: CBS)

Elderly Mobsters Plead Guilty To Planning Heists

Two elderly reputed mobsters raised the white flag on Wednesday as they were set to go on trial, pleading guilty to a series of planned robberies.

CBS 2–01/18/2012

Jerry Scalise, Arthur Rachel

Trial Begins For Elderly Mobsters Charged With Robberies

A federal trial began Tuesday for three elderly mob figures charged with plotting several robberies.

CBS Chicago–01/17/2012

Frank Calabrese Jr. talks with CBS 2's John Drummond. (CBS)

Phoned-In Threat Cancels Book Appearances By Hitman’s Son

Frank Calabrese Jr. is in town to market his new book about how he turned against his hitman father and became part of the “Operation Family Secrets” trial.