Video: Pat Summerall Introduces 1985 NFC Championship GameWhen the 1985 Bears defeated the Rams 24-0 in the NFC Championship game, the eventual Super Bowl champions weren't the only legends at Soldier Field that day.
Zawaski: A Blackhawks Free Agency GuideOne of the most exciting days in the NHL year is coming Friday. The beginning of free agency in hockey can only be described as a frenzy.
Concussion Concerns Just As Serious In Madden Video GamesIf you're hoping to watch hard football hits on your TV, you may want to hang on to your current copies of "Madden NFL" for whatever video game system you own. The seriousness of concussions is obvious and EA Sports wants to keep the safety influences in future "Madden" games.
Madden: Cutler Has Toughest Job In NFLFormer NFL coach and commentator, John Madden, might have showed the most vocal and intense support of Jay Cutler so far this week.
NFL Creates Panel Aimed At Improving Player SafetyThe NFL is trying to increase the amount of games in the regular season, as well protect the players' safety and avoid a lockout of next season.
Bernstein: Madden Critique Hits Dumb Bears Fans
Blackhawks Match Offer Sheet for Hjalmarsson

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