Jose Canseco Shot His Own Hand While Cleaning His GunThey're hoping his finger responds well to surgery.
Jose Canseco Accused Of Sexual Assault In VegasFormer baseball slugger Jose Canseco Jr. has been accused of sexual assault in Las Vegas, in an investigation that the former baseball slugger made public with postings on a social media website claiming that a woman falsely accused him of rape.
Bernstein: Adding A-Rod Would Be So KennyKenny Williams has always had a thing for twilight.
Jose Canseco Wants To Be The Next Governor Of MassachusettsNo one really knows what goes on in Jose Canseco's mind, but the former juice head took to Twitter to tell the Twitterverse about his desire to run for governor of Massachusetts.
Jose Canseco Signs Another Minor League ContractAn independent Massachusetts minor league team has signed former major league slugger and admitted steroids user Jose Canseco.
Ten Foot Mailbag: Canseco, Blago And Dead Chicks NCAA Tournament! 80 degree temperatures in the winter! NFL free agency! NBA trades! Blago! Hell of a week, no?
Canseco Can't Pass Drug Test, Won't Play In Mexican League Twitter's most bipolar former athlete almost made a comeback to baseball.

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