New Report Indicates Junior Seau Had CTE Junior Seau, one of the NFL's best and fiercest players for nearly two decades, had a degenerative brain disease when he committed suicide last May, the National Institutes of Health told The Associated Press on Thursday.
Bernstein: Belcher Tragedy Has No Bigger MeaningIt makes us feel better when we can determine direct causes, identify means of prevention of similar acts, or categorize those involved as somehow different, distant or foreign.
Autopsy Report: No Damage To Junior Seau's BrainThe autopsy showed no underlying hemorrhaging or contusions on Seau's brain, which appeared to be normal. His family has donated some of his brain tissue for research amid questions about whether any damage from his 20-year football career played some factor in his suicide.
Brandon Marshall Weighs In On Junior Seau's Death New Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wrote a piece for the Chicago Sun-Times detailing his reaction to the suicide of former NFL great Junior Seau.
Ten Foot Mailbag: Star Wars SucksYeah, I said it. I saw The Empire Strikes Back as a kid and thought, “What the hell is this crap?” Though the Colt-45 guy’s clothes were pretty pimp.
Wisch: Would You Let Your Son Play Football?When the news of Junior Seau’s tragic death by apparent suicide broke on Wednesday afternoon, the tweets about the potential perils of playing pigskin started flowing soon after.
Video: Junior Seau Breaks Arm Against BearsCheck out the video of Seau breaking his arm against the Bears during a regular season game in 2006.
Bowen: Life Is Rough For Ex-NFL Veterans As Matt Bowen explains, once a player retires from the NFL, the adjustment back to a normal lifestyle can be quite difficult.
Junior Seau Found Dead; Cops Suspect SuicideFormer San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau was found dead at his Oceanside, Ca. home Wednesday.

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