‘Celebgate’ Hacker Sentenced To Nine Months In PrisonEdward J. Majerczyk, 29, admitted last fall that he hacked into the Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts of more than 300 people, including at least 30 celebrities.
Kate Upton Is Really Salty Over Justin Verlander Finishing 2nd In Cy Young Race"Can you pick more out of touch people to vote?" Upton wonders.
Kate Upton Announces Engagement To Tigers' Justin VerlanderVerlander asked Upton just before the start of the baseball season.
TTYM: This Week's Top 5 MLB Moments Off The Field You Need To SeeThe baseball season is revving up and things are starting to get interesting and not just on the field. In this week’s That Thing You Missed a baseball announcer makes a Royal Mistake, Justin Verlander can’t keep his eye on the ball, one fan blows it big time with this date and a Casanova is conceived.
TTYM: Boy Invites Kate Upton To The Prom, Tiger's A Hypocrite? And A Very Tom Brady Easter
Photo: Kate Upton Returns To Sports Illustrated Swimsuit CoverKate Upton is back on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover for the second straight year.
Video: New Kate Upton Super Bowl Commercial Drawing Controversy A sexy new Kate Upton commercial, which is scheduled to debut during the Super Bowl, is sparking controversy before the commercial has even aired.
Video: Kate Upton Stars In Provocative Vogue VideoIt's been quite some time since B&B favorite Kate Upton graced us with a new video.
Video: Kate Upton Is Verlander's 'Upton Girl' The Detroit Tigers are gaining ground on the White Sox, but that's not the only piece of good fortune for Detroit.
Video: The Many Talents Of Kate Upton (Wardrobe Malfunctions Happen)Kate Upton shows off many of her talents, including lifeguarding, skateboarding, and basketball. Of course, wardrobe malfunctions come with the territory.
Awesome: 21 Kate Upton GIFsIn honor of Upton's birthday, here are 21 of the best Kate Upton GIFs ever made.
Video: Kate Upton Bouncing GIFCheck out this GIF of Kate Upton dancing in a wonderful bikini.

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