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Drew Peterson

Witness: Peterson Offered Me $25,000 To Find Hitman

A former cable company co-worker of Drew Peterson’s was on the witness stand in Peterson’s trial Wednesday morning, testifying about a request to hire a hitman.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2012

Drew Peterson Sketch

Peterson Judge To Allow ‘Hit Man’ Testimony

The judge in Drew Peterson’s murder trial handed prosecutors a legal victory Tuesday by giving them the go-ahead to introduce evidence in coming days that the former suburban Chicago police officer sought to hire a hit man to kill his third wife for $25,000.

CBS Chicago–08/21/2012

Drew Peterson Court

‘Stacy’s Secret Dies With Her,’ Says Peterson Trial Witness Barred From Testimony

In a major development in the murder trial of Drew Peterson, the judge has reversed himself and barred the testimony of a hearsay witness.

CBS Chicago–08/17/2012

Doctor Testifies At Peterson Trial About Conflicting Savio Autopsies

For a second day, the focus in the Drew Peterson murder trial has been the two autopsies that came to different conclusions about Kathleen Savio’s death, and the judge has had to tell the lawyers to stop bickering in front of jurors.

CBS Chicago–08/16/2012

Drew Peterson Court

Judge In Peterson Trial: Prosecution’s ‘Disrespect For The Court Is Shocking’

Just hours after defense attorneys for Drew Peterson withdrew a motion for a mistrial over a mistake by prosecutors, testimony was halted again Wednesday and the judge angrily chided prosecutors after another witness discussed evidence barred from the trial, saying “the disrespect for the court is shocking.”

CBS Chicago–08/15/2012

Drew Peterson Sketch

Savio’s Boyfriend Testifies About Encounter With Drew Peterson

The man who was dating Kathleen Savio at the time she died testified Friday morning in the Drew Peterson murder trial.

CBS Chicago–08/10/2012

A sketch of Drew Peterson and his son, Kristopher Peterson, sitting in court during a break in the elder Peterson's murder trial. (Credit: Cheryl Cook)

Drew Peterson Gets Visit From Son During Trial

A nursing school classmate of Kathleen Savio’s testified Thursday that Savio talked about domestic violence committed against her by Drew Peterson, and showed her the marks that he had left.

CBS Chicago–08/09/2012

Drew Peterson

Peterson Judge Opens Door For Previously Barred Hearsay Testimony

The judge in the Drew Peterson murder trial said Wednesday he is not bound by rulings by the previous judge regarding hearsay evidence in the case, and is allowing previously barred testimony that Peterson allegedly threatened to kill Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident.

CBS Chicago–08/08/2012

Drew Peterson Sketch

Investigators Who Probed Savio’s Death Testify At Peterson Trial

They never even interviewed Drew Peterson while investigating his third wife’s death, and on Tuesday at Peterson’s murder trial, the two investigators who handled the case back in 2004 will have to explain why not.

CBS Chicago–08/07/2012

Drew Peterson Sketch

Savio’s Sister Testifies Peterson Said He Was Going To Kill His Wife

The sister Kathleen Savio – the third wife of Drew Peterson – testified Friday that Peterson told Savio he was going to kill her.

CBS Chicago–08/03/2012

Drew Peterson Sketch

Motion For Mistrial Denied In Drew Peterson Trial

The judge in the Drew Peterson murder trial has denied a motion for a mistrial by the defense Thursday, although testimony by a witness the day before made him furious at prosecutors.

CBS Chicago–08/02/2012

Drew Peterson

Prosecutors’ ‘Low Blow’ Prompts Judge To Consider Mistrial In Peterson Case

The second day of the Drew Peterson murder trial was cut short on Wednesday, when a witness testified about finding a bullet in his driveway — believing Peterson planted it there to intimidate him — and defense attorneys promptly sought a mistrial.

CBS Chicago–08/01/2012

Drew Peterson

Peterson Trial: Neighbor Weeps While Testifying About Finding Savio’s Body

In opening statements for Drew Peterson’s long-awaited murder trial Tuesday, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said Peterson once boasted that “he had learned enough to kill someone and make it look like an accident.”

CBS Chicago–07/31/2012

Drew Peterson (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Peterson Defense Attorney: I’d Advise Drew Not To Testify

Will Drew Peterson testify on his own behalf? Not if his defense attorney has any say. Of course, Joel Brodsky says, the decision is up to Peterson.


Drew Peterson

A Look At The Jury That Will Decide Drew Peterson’s Fate

Drew Peterson’s future now rests with twelve of his fellow Will County citizens who will decide whether he’s guilty of murder.

CBS Chicago–07/30/2012

Drew Peterson (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Jury In Place For Drew Peterson Trial

A full jury has been impaneled for the Drew Peterson trial, and opening statements are set to begin next Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–07/24/2012

Drew Peterson

8 Jurors Selected For Drew Peterson Trial

The trial of the former Bolingbrook police sergeant, who is accused of killing his third wife, has been delayed more than two years as prosecutors and defense attorneys wrangled over evidence that can be allowed in court.

CBS Chicago–07/23/2012

Drew Peterson

Could Peterson Trial Be Delayed Again Over Hearsay Debate?

Days before jury selection is to begin in Drew Peterson’s murder trial, it is still unclear if prosecutors will be able to use the victim’s statements.

CBS Chicago–07/19/2012

Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson In Court For Pre-Trial Motions

Drew Peterson was back in court Wednesday as prosecutors and defense attorneys hashed out what pieces of evidence should or should not be admitted when his murder trial starts next week.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2012

Drew Peterson (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Drew Peterson Jury Won’t See Actual Bathtub Where Savio Died

Drew Peterson’s jury may not see the “murder weapon” Will County prosecutors say he used to kill Kathleen Savio: her bathtub.