Heinz Hoping Ketchup Disguised As "Chicago Dog Sauce" Catches OnWith National Hot Dog Day coming up, Heinz is hoping its new "Chicago Dog Sauce" will convince people to commit the cardinal Windy City sin.
Case Closed: Can You Put Ketchup On A Hot Dog In Chicago?Upon entering the airspace of Chicago, conventional wisdom has instructed us that one cannot put ketchup on a hot dog.
U Mad? Ketchup On Hot DogsOn this edition of 'U Mad,' Mason Johnson hits the streets of Chicago as if he's a real reporter to solve the mystery of ketchup. Is it, or is it not, okay to put on hot dogs? His findings may shock and surprise you!
Gasp! Ketchup Offered At Macy's Hot Dog CartIn what may be taken as another affront to Chicago tradition – the store that used to be Marshall Field’s was operating a hot dog cart Friday that offered ketchup as a condiment.
Obama: 'You Shouldn't Put Ketchup On A Hot Dog'President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and didn’t move to Chicago until he was 23 years old, but nevertheless, he proved Friday that he is, in fact, a true Chicagoan.

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