The Baubax bomber jacket. (Credit: Kickstarter)

BauBax Jacket: Chicago-Based Kickstarter Project Sets Records

A local Kickstarter project is setting records in the world of crowdfunding.


(Credit: Gramovox)

Chicago Company Designs Turntable That Plays ‘Floating Records’

Recognizing a resurgence in popularity of vinyl records, a Chicago-based company has created an unusual turntable with a high-tech, modern design.


(Credit: Kickstarter)

SnapPower: USB Charger Designed For Your Wall Outlet

There are two things around my house that disappear on an almost daily basis: reading glasses and USB chargers.


Pyrnt still

On Kickstarter, A Phone Case That Prints Pictures

In the modern digital world, images are instant and pervasive. Yet, there is still something magical, even romantic, about holding an actual photograph.


Suitcase photos

‘Smart Suitcase’: Zipperless Bags With GPS Tracking

The suitcase is getting smarter.



Cheap Book Offers Good Advice, Shot At Famousness

Writer and travel fiend Ryan Estrada is launching the latest “Poorcraft” graphic novel and is offering random strangers a spot in the newest book, “Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here.”


The Nope conceals your web camera. (Credit; Kickstarter)

Simple Device Can Shield You From Web Cam Snoops

A local entrepreneur has developed a simple and elegant way to protect your privacy while using your computer.


Capsoles are designed to fit  the eyelets of Chuck Tayorls. (Credit: Capsole)

Capsoles: Customizing Your Chuck Taylors In A Snap

There was once a time when Chuck Taylors came in white and one would play basketball in them.


(Credit: Kickstarter)

The Public Radio: One Radio Station, Housed In A Jar

To help assuage the pangs of guilt when radio fans stray from their favorite station, a design duo as come up with a simple solution.


(Photo Credit:Alexander Chin)

Chicagoan’s Kickstarter Proves That People Want Cooler Playing Card Decks

Have you ever gotten bored by the look of your average deck of playing cards?


Coolest With Blender

Creator Of Coolest Cooler: From Failure To Phenom With Kickstarter Record

Ryan Grepper’s first campaign to promote his radical redesign of the traditional cooler failed … miserably.


(Credit: IAMMAI)

On Kickstarter: A Shirt That Cools You Off As You Heat Up

On any given summer day, the lake front path is filled with people clad in high-tech workout apparel designed to make them more comfortable.


(Credit: Kickstarter)

DrinkMate: Delivers BAC Reading By Blowing Into A Phone

As Friday afternoon wanes, thoughts turn to meeting friends for a few well-earned drinks and conversation.


(Credit: Kickstarter/Fuz Designs)

Forget The Keys And Combo, New Lock Opens With A Phone App

Soon, the lock and key may go the way of the typewriter.


(Credit: Kickstarter)

Of All Things, A Butter Knife A Huge Hit On Kickstarter

Is there anything worse than clumps of hard butter on your breakfast toast?


(Credit: Kickstarter)

Nice Ring To It: Turning Pocket Change Into Dollars On Kickstarter

College student Mark Wylie must have felt as if he were on a carousel, chasing the elusive brass ring.


Bunch Of Balloons

Bunch O Balloons: Set Up A Huge Water Fight In Minutes

A backyard water balloon fight is the stuff of childhood legend.


The Coolest.  (Credit: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter Superstar: The Coolest Redefines The Cooler

When Ryan Grepper set out to rethink the good, old-fashioned cooler, he figured he would need about $50,000 in seed money to get the project moving. Grepper’s idea was to marry old-fashioned cooler technology with 2014 technology.


(Credit: Hello)

New Device Monitors Conditions To Help People Sleep Better

When somebody wakes up “on the wrong side of the bed” they know one thing: That person is cranky due to poor sleep.


The Antioch Theatre closed earlier this year, but will be reopened after renovations funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign. (Credit: Kickstarter)

Successful Kickstarter Campaign To Bring Antioch Theatre Back To Life

The Antioch Theatre will live on, after being on the brink of being closed for good.