Laurence Holmes

Holmes: The White Sox Sting RemainsWhat about Robin Ventura indicates he's the manager to get the White Sox to the next level?
Holmes: Even White Sox Fans Can Give Props To These CubsThe approach the Cubs have taken is one most around baseball respect.
Holmes: It Will Get Worse For The Bears Before It Gets BetterIt's important to have patience, folks.
Holmes: Moving Past The Bears' Participation Ribbon To The Ugly TruthsChicago's lack of a pass rush is a serious concern moving forward.
Holmes: The Jeff Samardzija ConundrumSamardzija may have cost himself money big money with a disappointing 2015 season.
Holmes: Dana White's Ronda Rousey Dilemma? Fighting A Worthy FoeHolly Holm is a different style of matchup for Rousey, but the end result will still be lopsided.
Holmes: Joe Maddon Continues To Display His Remarkable People SkillsHow many wins is a manager worth? We're not sure, but Maddon has made a massive difference with his culture change.
Listen: Thomas Jones Joins Laurence Holmes To Talk Acting Career, Bears MemoriesJones had a role as a bodyguard in "Straight Outta Compton," which dominated the box office in its debut weekend.
Holmes: Skepticism Permeates Air Around Bears Brass After Kevin White FiascoWhy the misleading information on White's injury?
Holmes: Role Reversal Turning Jay Cutler From Bears Villain Into Anti-HeroI find myself rooting for Cutler to succeed this year, more than any other since he was acquired in a trade in 2009.
Holmes: Forget The Standings -- The White Sox Don't Pass The Eye TestThe White Sox can't get out of their own way.
Holmes: Opening Night A Mixed Bag At Wrigley FieldThere were restroom and concession issues Sunday night as the baseball world turned its eyes toward Wrigley Field.