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Spiegel’s Docket: Ventura, LBJ And Much More

So much to jam in to our four-hour bag on a glorious Friday in the city.

670 The Score–06/08/2012

LeBron to GQ: “We hated Cleveland growing up”

When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the beaches of Miami he sparked a whirlwind of criticism. Other than a few tweets, LeBron has done little to defend himself to this criticism. Not only […]


NBA Players and League Meet Over Labor Discussions

NEW YORK — LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul were among the players who attended a negotiating session between the NBA and the union Thursday.


LeBron Thanks Akron, Not Cleveland in Newspaper Ad

AKRON, Ohio — LeBron James is showing appreciation to his Ohio hometown fans with a full-page newspaper ad as he leaves to play basketball in Miami. James thanks Akron residents for their love and support […]


LeBron Takes Some of His Talents to Vegas

LeBron James’ public image continues to take hit after hit. First, he publicly left the city of Cleveland and tore its heart out in the process. Shortly after that the stories came out that that […]


Fan Wearing a LeBron Heat Jersey Escorted From Indians Home Game

A fan wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey was escorted from Progressive Field by security. The fan showed up to Wednesday night’s game between the Indians and Yankees and sat in the bleachers, but […]


Break Time

Obscured by the Lebron James Immolation Tour, the White Sox have spent the last five weeks roaring to the top of the AL Central. Some thoughts:


Our Turn for “Decisions”

Lebron James made his decision, and now we make ours. I have decided that my assessment of him as a competitor and sportsman was wrong.


Noah Says Bulls Aren’t Afraid Of Heat

No question that the Bulls would have been prohibitive favorites to win the East if Lebron James had signed with them. James along with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade will form a heck of a trio even […]


Cavs owner guarantees to win championship before LeBron

In a bitter letter to Cavaliers fans in the aftermath of LeBron James’ decision to sign with the Miami Heat, Cleveland General Manager Dan Gilbert said he guaranteed his team would “win an NBA championship before the self-titled […]


LeBron headed to Miami

The wait is over. LeBron James is headed to Miami to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Heat. The superstar announced his decision in a live interview with Jim Gray on ESPN Thursday […]


Post Sox, Pre Lebron

When the Sox postgame wraps up today, I will join you until 6:00 to discuss the day’s action and continue to follow every wisp of potentially telling information on the future of Lebron James. The […]


Now What?

Reports have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up in Miami. Lebron James is scheduled to announce his decision Thursday night, with the probability that his destination will be known before then.  He could join […]


Report: LeBron to announce decision Thursday

If you ever wondered what college recruiting would be like without all the rules, then you are witnessing it in the NBA. LeBron James will announce what NBA team he will sign with in an […]


Hurry Up and Wait

Everything means something when nothing means anything. Lebron is here, Wade is there, Bosh twitters an inanity or two.  A website picture is changed, fans line up at airports, dinner is served to one of them […]


And…They’re Off! Slowly.

There are few moments more anticipated than that when thoroughbreds are finally loaded into the starting gate, the bell sounds and the competitors burst forth. So it felt around the NBA at 11:00 PM last […]


Finally It’s Time For LeBron James

Every Indianapolis 500 is started with the words, “Gentlemen, start your engines” Well the same words can be used to describe the start of the NBA free agency rush which begins at 11:01 this evening. […]


Pick Your Rumor

Go ahead and do whatever makes you feel best about the NBA free agent hellstorm that hits at 11:00 PM CDT.  Grab onto whatever thread of “information” assuages your fears or feeds your dreams about […]


Lebron in Play

Tom Izzo did not receive assurances that Lebron James would remain in Cleveland, and no amount of money should be enough for him to risk having to coach the Cavaliers without him. So it appears […]


Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Joe Johnson “Meeting” Screams Collusion……

Rarely in sports do I side with the ownership of professional sports teams, but today’s latest revelation practically made the white collar worker in me jump out and scream “for shame!!”  It was reported today […]