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Clark, one of two red panda cubs born at the Lincoln Park Zoo this summer, gets weighed at his second checkup. | Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Red Panda Cubs Turning Iconic Auburn Color

Two-month-old Clark and his sister Addison were born June 26 and had their second checkups on Tuesday, the North Side zoo announced Tuesday.


(Photo Credit: Maggie Daley Park's Facebook)

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A  newborn two-toed sloth at Lincoln Park Zoo. (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Cuteness Overload: Sloth Born At Lincoln Park Zoo

The newborn two-toed sloth is clinging tight to mother Hersey, officials say.


The red panda cubs born last month at Lincoln Park Zoo are a male and a female, which veterinarians discovered during their first physical exams last Friday. | Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo’s New Red Panda Cubs Turn Out To Be Brother And Sister

The genders of the first-ever red panda cubs born at the Lincoln Park Zoo were revealed after their first physical examinations last week, the North Side zoo announced Monday.


5Lionesses Zalika and Kamali are the newest residents at the North Side zoo. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015

Two New Lionesses On Exhibit At Lincoln Park Zoo

incoln Park Zoo’s only African lion, Sahar, won’t be lonely much longer, as two new lionesses have joined him at the lakeshore park, just in time for spring.


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Lincoln Park Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Gets Name: Bella

While she prefers to stay tucked in close to mom, and dad is not about let anyone get to close, a baby gorilla named Bella is the new star of the show at Lincoln Park Zoo’s ape exhibit.


(Photo Credit: © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015)

VIDEO: Lincoln Park Zoo’s Newest Baby Gorilla Is Objectively The Cutest Thing Ever

It can be difficult for journalists to write an article that is both ethical and objective. Thankfully, in the case of the baby lowland gorilla recently born at Lincoln Park Zoo, this isn’t a problem — she is objectively the cutest thing ever. Go Chicago.


Female red panda (left); and her counterpart (right), at Lincoln Park Zoo. (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Lincoln Park Zoo Hopes Love Is In The Air For Red Pandas

Officials hoe sparks fly for the endangered pair over Valentine’s weekend.


The troop of 8 Japanese Macaques will be meeting the public starting May 1. (Credit: John Cody)

Japanese Macaques Move Into New Exhibit At Lincoln Park Zoo

A troop of Japanese Snow Monkeys has moved into Lincoln Park Zoo, where keepers want them interested as well as well fed, in the new Macaque Forest.


Lincoln Park Zoo

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A chimpanzee using a termite mound at the Lincoln Park zoo. (Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo.)

Lincoln Park Zoo Researchers Find Chimps Modify Sticks To Collect Food

Researchers at Lincoln Park Zoo say chimpanzees are quick-learners that they find out fast how to modify sticks to get food more efficiently.


Lincoln Park Zoo's 18-year-old female lion Myra was euthanized on Tuesday. / photo from the Lincoln Park Zoo

Elderly Lion Myra Euthanized At Lincoln Park Zoo

A long-time resident of the Lincoln Park Zoo, 18-year-old African lion Myra, was humanely euthanized Tuesday at the North Side park.


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Lincoln Park Zoo

Philadelphia Hospital Holds Reunion For Fetal Surgery Patients At Lincoln Park Zoo

About two dozen families gathered this morning for a very special reunion at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


The Lincoln Park Zoo set up 100 cameras across the Chicago area, which photographed various wildlife including foxes, coyotes, snapper turtles, hermit thrushes, and Virginia rails. (Credit: Chicago Wildlife Watch)

Lincoln Park Zoo Asks For Help From Chicagoans To Catalog Native Wildlife

There more to urban life than pigeons and dog, and the Lincoln Park Zoo is enlisting Chicagoans to sort through thousands of pictures to see what’s around and how they can coexist with people.


Baby Rabbits.

This Year’s Bumper Crop: Rabbits

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez looks into why these creatures are multiplying like … well, rabbits.


Anana the polar bear. (Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo)

Lincoln Park Zoo Says Farewell To Anana The Polar Bear

The Lincoln Park Zoo is having a farewell party today for its 15-year-old polar bear that’s being moved to a zoo on in North Carolina while a new polar bear exhibit is built over the next two years.


(File Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images)

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