Richard J. "R.J." Vanecko (Chicago Police Department)

Daley Nephew Completes Jail Term In 2004 Manslaughter Case

R.J. Vanecko punched David Koschman of Mount Prospect, in the face in a drunken confrontation early on April 25, 2004. Koschman fell, hit his head on a curb and died 11 days later of brain injuries.


Richard J. "R.J." Vanecko (Chicago Police Department)

Daley Nephew, Back In Chicago, Has Booking Mug Shot

Richard J. Vanecko was charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter in the 2004 death of David Koschman following a grand jury investigation.


(Credit: Eliot Schechter/AFP/Getty Images)

Calumet Twp. Man Gets 33 Years For Ax Killing

A Calumet Township man was sentenced to 33 years in a pickax slaying of a man who stole his prized shotgun and sold it for drugs.


Donald Rattanavong (Cook County Sheriff's Department)

Elgin Home Owner Acquitted Of Manslaughter In Teen’s Shooting Death

Donald Rattanavong says he was trying to scare away teen criminals when he fired warning shots that left one youth dead.